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Suggestion to improve user experience when entering metadata/document properties.




  • Official comment
    Brandon Mooi

    Hi Shelby,


    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.


    We have enhanced this functionality and the enhancement is available in DMF 9. Please test this out and let us know your thoughts.

    Below are other enhancements and bug fixes we've made in DMF 9.

  • Shelby Amos

    Hello again, 

    Sharing another piece of feedback I received regarding this feature update to further clarify what we're looking for. 

    Please feel free to contact me with any clarifying questions. 

    It would be good to remove the auto fill drop down behaviour that was introduced in version 8.9.1468 for dialogue boxes such as 'Create New Matter' or document properties. When you start typing in a field in the property windows, it drops down a list of suggestions that fit what you’ve typed so far. However, if you select the one you want, the drop down doesn’t then hide. The drop down stays visible, and is in the way of the next field of the dialogue box. You have to click somewhere else in the dialogue box first to get rid of it. It used to hide if you selected one, and you then had to keep typing in the same field in order to get it to again drop down a list of suggestions.

    This update also makes it so that we can't tab from one field to another. 

  • Chris Litherland

    Thanks for your feedback Shelby! We'll provide updates on your suggestion here as we have them. 

  • Chris Litherland

    Hi Shelby, 

    We are looking into your feedback for considering how we could incorporate your suggestions to improve the metadata entry. 

    We've made some improvements to metadata entry in DMF 9, including selecting the first option when pressing enter, and tabbing through the fields. 

    I've taken your feedback on looking up any part of the document type (eg. "sta" should bring up "Witness statement") and will look at incorporating this into a future release. 

    On your additional feedback to further clarify the auto fill drop down behaviour. When typing in a field and selecting one, we have also made improvements that address this behaviour in DMF 9. 

    If you could try out the latest version of DMF 9 first and let me know if our current metadata properties in the latest version of DMF provides the experience you are after.


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