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Search improvement




  • Chris Litherland

    Thanks for your feedback Shelby! 

  • Chris Litherland

    Hi Shelby, we are looking into your feedback to incorporate in a future release of DMF.

    Currently our search implements SharePoint default search functionality, which does include a short summary block of text where the search result was found (called the "Hit highlighted summary").

    Search results from SharePoint directly: 

    For example, here's a quick mockup of how this might work in DMF:

    Let me know what you think. 


  • Shelby Amos

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks so much for looking into this and getting back to us!! 

    The screen shot/functionality above is definitely an improvement!! :) If possible, it would be an even better user experience if the 'searched for' words remained highlighted inside the document upon opening it. 

    Do you have an ETA as to when the above functionality will be rolled out? 

    Thanks again :)


  • Chris Litherland

    Thanks so much for the feedback Shelby! 😊

    We may be able to look into the functionality to highlight searched words inside the document. If you could please raise this as a separate feature suggestion, I'll be able to look into this further. 

    The good news is that this has been added to the next release! I'm expecting that to be out around the end of March.

  • Shelby Amos

    No problem, Chris 😊

    Yes, I'll submit this as a separate feature request now.

    That's also great to know that the new release is on it's way. Thanks! 


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