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Favorites sync and backup Completed
5 votes 5 comments
Interactive URLs in DMF File List Planned
4 votes 1 comment
Enable users to navigate to the location of an email filed in SharePoint from Outlook. Completed
3 votes 1 comment
Enable navigation from breadcrumb navigator for Favourites Completed
3 votes 1 comment
Support for drag and drop from Zip files to MacroView DMF Completed
3 votes 1 comment
File transfer centre Planned
3 votes 0 comments
(DMF) Manually setting the sort order of favourites Planned
3 votes 3 comments
Add Table of Contents when using Merge files function in MacroView
2 votes 2 comments
(Migration) Allow retry of only those files failing a previous migration Planned
2 votes 0 comments
Default matter
1 vote 1 comment
Add collapse all functionality to Favorites mode
1 vote 0 comments
Quick access to Recent Locations from Send and Save button
1 vote 0 comments
Hotkey for Filtering Folders Planned
1 vote 2 comments
Installation package
1 vote 1 comment
Suggestion to improve user experience when entering metadata/document properties. Planned
1 vote 4 comments
Convert file size of search results from Bytes to Kilobytes Completed
1 vote 1 comment
Update MacroView execute extension
1 vote 0 comments
Independent setting for the preview pane location ins Outlook and DMF Explorer Completed
1 vote 1 comment
Insert 'Share' link from the ribbon in Outlook Answered
1 vote 1 comment
(DMF) RC Standardise respects format setting (EML/MSG) Not planned
1 vote 0 comments
(DMF) Announcements in DMF Not planned
1 vote 0 comments
0 votes 1 comment
Email listing display format
0 votes 0 comments
Predictive Saving locations
0 votes 1 comment
d3dx9_40-dll not found
0 votes 1 comment
Change Hide Folder Behaviour
0 votes 3 comments
Change Recent Location Behaviour
0 votes 5 comments
Records Management functionality support Answered
0 votes 1 comment