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Adobe 64bits update




  • Official comment
    Brandon Mooi

    Hi Belinda,

    Thank you for your post to the community forum.

    We have not received reports of issues relating to the new Adobe update. Please could you send us an email at outlining the issue in detail and a member of our support team will review it and gladly assist you to find a solution.

    If you are unsure of what information to provide then please see the following article: Required information for MacroView support 

    Best regards,

  • Dwayne MacIsaac


    Yes, our company is experiencing the same issue.  We had to remove the Macroview plugin to get Adobe to open again.

  • Belinda Portenier

    Yes, MV support has gotten back to me. Somehow after adobe after, the protected mode in Adobe is set to enable again, just need to disable it.

    In Adobe, go to Edit, Preferences then Enhance Security. Uncheck Enable Enhanced Security. 

    You can do that in the Registry too.

  • Dwayne MacIsaac

    Well that is not good, as that is a security feature that prevents harmful code within a PDF file from executing.  Our users are unable to open any PDF files, that includes files not associated with MacroView, means this is error.

  • Chris Litherland

    Hi everyone,

    This feature was introduced by Adobe recently in preview, but is now enabled by default in the latest version of Reader. The intent behind Protected Mode is to sandbox PDF documents in order to keep your computer safe. This also means that addins and other applications cannot easily access them. This poses some challenges for the DMF addin when it tries to integrate with the sandboxed PDF and is blocked by protected mode.

    We are aware of the challenges and are working on the fix for the next release of DMF. In order to support protected mode, we have had to upgrade our Adobe frameworks, removing support for older versions of Reader and Acrobat. This was finished in DMF 9 and we are now finalising the new integration which will add support for DMF in protected mode. This should be available in our next release of DMF, coming soon. 

    For more information about protected mode, see Adobe’s article here:

    Hope this helps clarify the issue. 

  • Colin Titmuss

    Hi Everyone,

    Support for Adobe DC reader and Acrobat running in protected mode is available in DMF & Message 9.1 or later.  See the 9.1 release notes below.

    DMF and Message 9.1 Release Notes – MacroView


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