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Change Recent Location Behaviour



  • Official comment
    Dimitri Iliuk

    Hi Fraser

    I would enable information level logging. This can be done via Options > Support > Trace Level and change to Information. Once the issue occurs please note the time and send the log to our support team for review.  This will provide us with a framework as to why it is failing. 


    Kindest regards


  • Chris Litherland

    Hi Fraser, Thank you for your suggestions. It sounds like what you are looking for in your first concept would be already well served by DMS Favourites. You can right click on many items in DMS and "Add to Favourites". Curate your own list of sites and folders, put them in groups, and you won't have to worry about losing them on restart. You can learn more about DMS Favorites in the help centre. How to create a new SharePoint favourite – MacroView

    We'll let you know here if we have any updates to share regarding your second idea to expand what is considered a Recent Location. You can stay up to date by making sure to Follow this post if you haven't already. 

    Best regards,
    Chris Litherland
    Product Manager

  • Fraser Bush

    Thanks Chris. I use favourites as well, but its a manual process that requires several clicks, whereas the Recent Locations process is automatic - do X with a matter, its automaticaly added to the Recent Locations view. I'm in and out of a lot of different matters over the course of a week, multiple times a day or week for each matter, and to have to favourite each of them (and then unfavourite them) would be cumbersome, particularly given that the responsiveness of our MV setup is slow (which I'm told is a SharePoint issue). I use favourites for matters that I use over the course of months, but largely to mitigate the issue of Recent Locations being cleared every restart. If I could live in the Recent Locations view only, and touch the Browse view only every so often, I would. Would it not be relatively straighforward to increase the number of Recent Locations saved at shutdown from 10 to some higher number (say 50)?

  • Chris Litherland

    Thanks for the additional details and feedback! We are currently investigating your suggestion, and I have passed your feedback on to the development team. 

  • Fraser Bush

    Hi Chris,

    I wanted to follow-up on point #2 above re the Recent Location behaviour. I continue to see inconsistent behaviour as to what matters MV will add to the Recent Location list, and continue to struggle with understanding the logic behind the RL list. As an example, I have noticed that sometimes I will move an email into a matter and then that matter will show up on the RL list, and other times I will move an email into a matter but then that matter will not show up on the RL list. I don't understand this inconsistency. Further, I recently opened a new matter, and moved an email into that new matter. Despite this activity, this matter did not show up on the RL list. I don't understand this, since clearly this is a recent location I have interacted with, and new matters are likely to be go to matters that deserve to be on the list. There are other examples. These are examples of either (a) a need to expand the list of "activities" that trigger a matter showing up on the RL list, or (b) a need to explore whether MV is consistently adding a matter to MV every time the same activity occurs.

    Thanks for looking into this!



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